Saturday, February 23, 2013

Delivering Katrina to University - Day 2

Monday started early as we had to be down at the Wellington  InterIslander Ferry terminal by 7.25am to catch the 8.25am crossing. Unfortunately we were running late. But fortunately so were a lot of other people.
When we arrived there were still plenty in front of us waiting to be checked in so there was no issue about boarding and there seemed to be people arriving continually after us. I suppose that those who are not booked but want to catch a ride will line up and keep being able to board until the ship has reached its capacity.

Once on board we found some comfy seats and then Katrina and I headed to the café to find some breakfast. There seemed to be such a variety of food available from the standard breakfast, both hot and cold, along with a range of choices you would have for lunch and morning and afternoon teas.

Muesli seemed to be the favourite between Katrina and I and it wasn’t long before we were finished and I went to find Harry so he could go and have his, while Katrina and I sat and watched our belongings and saved our seats. 

The journey from Wellington on the Kaitaki was not the smoothest I have been on as the sea was a little choppy before we even got out into Cook Straight.

Moving about on board was like being a little drunk, (well so I would imagine!) as the swaying meant you had to be sure when you took a step and put your foot down that the floor was actually going to be there! I'm not sure if I suffer from sea sickness as I am sure this would have proved it but I took 'sea legs' (seasickness preventive tablets) before we even boarded so at least I was able to enjoy the trip. I wasn't prepared to take my chances.

By the time we were in the protection of the sounds it was a lot calmer.

I was able to get on with my knitting and as the journey was coming to an end a lady from Holland asked to see what I was making and then proceeded to show me the beautiful hand quilted square she was making to add to the sixteen she would need to make a bed quilt for a couple she knew who were getting married. She told us that each of the quilted squares would take about four hours of solid work to complete. Then there would be the sewing together and back quilting to be done. She also shared of some the travels she had made. Katrina and I decided that her friends where extremely blessed to know her and receive such a loving wedding gift.

Arriving at Picton we set out on the road to Christchurch. We were soon to realise that the South Island was just as brown and crying out for rain as the North Island.

The only green we saw were the surviving trees and the vineyards with their rows of grape vines.

We soon were approaching Kaikoura where we had stayed last year for our nieces wedding.

We stopped for a comfort stop only to find a local seagull decided to do the same.
It was as if we had taken its favourite resting spot so just used the Wizard instead. Even when I got up close to take its' photo it just seemed to pose and only flew off when we opened the doors to keep going. Just as well as Harry didn't fancy it trying to catch a ride scratching the roof to try and stay on. 

So it was back on the road again and finally we arrived at Christchurch.

Once we unpacked all Katrina’s gear, booked into our motel we went out for tea with Callum and Katrina to enjoy each other’s company.

We then dropped Katrina off at her new home and flopped into bed at the motel quite exhausted.

The start of a new phase in Harry and my life.

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