Friday, February 1, 2013

Yates Vegie Growing Challenge - Part 5

Well what can I say?

The Challenge on the Yates garden web site has well and truly closed and no I didn't win anything. I didn't really keep up-to-date with the posting on that website's blog for my entries to the competition. But that doesn't matter because I feel I have won my own challenge.

We are in the thick of a drought here at the moment and every thing around us is getting brown and dieing, but my garden so far has survived.

The chooks have not been able to get in and destroy anything I plant.
I am able to keep up with the watering and keep the convolvulus a bay.
I am using the New Zealand Gardner Diary (a magazine) to plant the right things at the right times.

We have been eating lettuce, radishes, carrots, a broccoli and I will be pickling some beetroot.
I had a look this evening and there is a zucchini ready to be picked and a cabbage.

Not sure why this is so blurry

As much as I love being out in the garden with the heat we have been having I have had to keep the gardening to short bursts or get out very early in the morning before the sun has emerged from the other side of the house and our shading plum tree.

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  1. Your garden looks great. Nothing like eating your own vegies. We've been sweltering down how too. We're lucky to be in shade for the first couple of hours of the day, so I get all the watering etc done then.