Saturday, April 20, 2013

But she said he didn't like Feijoas

The other day I was blessed with the opportunity to babysit one of our grandchildren, Jacob.

He is just two and such a delight at this age.

After he had had his afternoon sleep, we shared some of the cookies I had made the day before and tidied up some of his toys and things.

Then he rode his bike round and round the garage as his mum had taken the car so there was plenty of room.
I thought it would be a great idea to go for a walk in the push chair as the rain had stopped for awhile. But in trying to put up the pushchair, much more complicated than the ones I used for our children, I managed to some how get the hood caught and trapped in the front hand rest. It was stuck fast and I needed to collapse it again, shift the hood bit around so it was on top of the hand rest part and then try putting it up again. Even the initial putting up had been a bit of a fluke, mainly because Jacob had helped.

But do you think I could work out how to shut the thing down. I know it wasn't a computer but it certainly felt like I needed some sort of process to find the shut down button so the thing could collapse.

Even Jacob tried to push and pull buttons with me in the hope that he could remember what his mother had done other times. After ringing Sarah to see if she knew and being told that her pushchair was different, I left it for Jacob to be content to push it round and round the garage thinking he was driving Miss Daisy (the cat).

Well Jennifer (Mum) came home and rescued, the pushchair and Nana. We still managed a walk in the pushchair as she wanted to get a few things at the shops.

Once back home Jacob feeling a little peckish, as any growing boy is, helped himself to a feijoa. His mum insisted he didn't like them but cut him up one anyway and gave him a spoon.

I thought this would be a fun opportunity, the expressions he would make as he tasted the feijoa, spitting out the fruit once he had tasted it - so his mother had said he would do.

Well as you can see by the following pics he actually quite enjoyed them and ended up eating two with the help of Nana spooning them out.

But the thing I found a little amusing is the laid back way he went about the eating. He sat in his chair and popped his feet up on the little foot stool. Perhaps like his Dad.

I couldn't help feeling how capable he was with the teaspoon scooping out most of the fruit pulp...remembering he is only two.

After he had finished he wanted to check out the photos Nana had taken of him so I let him see what I had stored.

My camera is not elaborate so I was not too worried and he proceeded to try to take a few shots of his Mum himself.

A little blurred but pretty good I thought.

All in all a lovely afternoon spent with family.

But the down side to all this was I didn't think about what was the result of Jacob and his sticky feijoa fingers on my camera.

In fact it wasn't until a few days later after I had used my camera for a few other events wanting to have photos to record as a memory, that I realised looking at the now fuzzy and blurred pics, that little feijoa fingers leave smudges all over the camera lens!!

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  1. Gosh that boy has grown. Nice to see you about and that you're enjoying time with the family. Hugs Sue