Friday, February 7, 2014

Four Generations

During the Christmas and Summer Holidays my parents called in for a few days while they were up this way.
While they were here we arranged some times together with children, grand children and great grandchildren. These are special times as we know they are 'numbered'.

Part of this was the four generation photo of females.

Here we have me, my mum (Phyllis), my second daughter (Jennifer) and her daughter (Natalie)

              In other words Nana, Great-Granny, Mum and Natalie

There were also other precious moments in the day...

                                                 A special look

Great Granny and Natalie

"I do like that shiny watch strap"

              Jacob is not shy to join in the family photos

And not to miss out on all this...

Great Grandpa will have a little chat over his glasses holder.

I love the look of admiration on my fathers face

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