Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This Years Garden Challenge - Part 3

Today we had some salad leaves from the garden with dinner. The first pickings for this year.
It was so good to have fresh veggies picked only a few minutes  ago on the plate to eat.

As I have already started this years gardening - a bit late mind you - Part one, Part two - you can see how I am progressing.

It might look progressive but I can assure you I am a little disappointment.

I planted about a dozen tomato plants I had grown from seed. But only one has survived.
I had two punnets of lettuce plants; great lakes the standard lettuce that hearts up beautifully and a salad selection - multicoloured and shaped leaves that can just been torn off and the plant left to continue to grow. There were twelve plants in all. But by the time the birds/slugs/cats or something else had dug, scratched or eaten the seedlings I now have seven. One of which is still struggling as I have had to replant it I don't know how many times!

The zucchini is slowly recovering from being attacked by one of the above! and three of the capsicum plants have grown.

I have also planted out about five pumpkin plants so we will see if there is enough time for anything to fruit on them.

I was really disappointed as all the seeds I had planted have been scratched away. I am presuming its the birds that also stripped out plum tree.

So I have replanted some carrots, parsnips, beetroot and radishes and this time covered them with the netting frame Harry build me a few years ago.

Maybe there will be a better chance for them this time.

The garden patch in between last years plot and this years is simply over grown with a weed called convolvulus or bindweed. Once in your garden this is a horror to get rid of. Every tiny piece of root system will grow. As I dig any garden I remove what I can and put it in the rubbish to be collected each week.
But for this invasion dramatic action was required. I have sprayed it all with weed killer. I am not intending to grow anything in there for awhile so I thought this was a radical but effective way to start.

I'll post you updates over the next few weeks!!

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