Saturday, July 31, 2010

Purple Haze, Cardigan and Shoes

I love the colour purple and while out shopping one day a few months ago with Jennifer, our second daughter, I came across this lovely yarn and contrasting multi coloured yarn in a large store called The Warehouse.

When I had finished the last knitted garments I set out looking for a pattern to knit a cardy for our grand daughter Evelyn.

I couldn't find anything I wanted so I ended up using basic instructions from an old pattern and adapting what I wanted to do with my design into the pattern.

Because it is acrylic rather than wool it is a light yarn in weight, so there is more quantity in the ball. I had leftovers so then I set out to find and adapt another old pattern to make the little bootee shoes.

The yarn was Knitwise pricewise 
'Hero' - Purple Blossom as the main colour and
'Hero Tones' - Lilac Mist for the contrast.

And the buttons...came from my button container.

1 comment :

  1. I love the colour and I'm crafting something with purple yarn at the moment myself.
    That's a very pretty cardigan and I love the little shoes.