Sunday, July 18, 2010

Plum Tree – Winter

We have a plum tree growing outside the kitchen window. I can see it when I sit and read in a little nook off the kitchen we call the ‘quite room’. Through the season it seems to talk to me and reveal things from God.
It’s winter time and the branches of the plum tree are bare. They are stripped of their leaves and exposed to the elements. All is revealed and nothing is hidden. Even the birds that rest in its branches are no longer protected in amongst the leaves from predators. They are in full view to us all.

This week has been a bit tough for me. Because I made a comment in one of my earlier posts on this blog, I forgot that not all my dear children new of my past. I thought the first three new but I was wrong about our third daughter. Our youngest read the blog and was deeply hurt and angry towards me. I was exposed once again to the elements and I did not like it. Because of the hurt I was feeling I told my son as well so that all my children could know what I had done, before the youngest two were born. I thought if I was going to go through this again I would do it all at once, because it was not nice reliving it all again. This meant that my husband had to go through it all again too. I was afraid as to how he would feel but he was so supportive.
While I was out he talked to our youngest and told her it was not her business what had happened as it was in the past and all is forgiven, we have moved on and have left it in the past so she should too. What strength he showed.

The plum tree looks vulnerable but it is just resting. It is gaining its strength for the new job it will be doing in the spring. So I also felt vulnerable but I rested, in knowing that not only was God in control but that my dear hubby would support and help explain to our children. The strength I gained in letting go and letting others carry me through was what God wanted.

The wintertime is not a time to be afraid but to know that this is the time that God wants you to rest in Him because He knows what great things are in store for our next ‘season’

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