Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Book Depository

Yesterday in the mail I received three books I had ordered through The Book Depository .
It is a site in the United Kingdom that has most books at a fraction of the price I would normally pay and it is free delivery all around the world.
I got The Hiding Place,Tramp for the Lord and In My Father's House all written by Corrie ten Boom.
I had borrowed the Hiding Place from our Church Library and liked it so much I wanted to keep it for myself as I know I will reread it and lend it out. There are a couple of quotes in her book that I wanted to highlight too. I also wanted the set of the three Corrie wrote about her life, so to speak.

They cost £7.19 each which converted was $NZ15.20. To purchase the book in a shop in New Zealand it would have been $NZ 29.99, so buying them through this site was nearly half price plus the free delivery so saving petrol. It took 9 days from when I ordered on line for them to arrive in my letterbox each individually packed in a bubble wrap packet and I also got a free bookmark.

I will probably get a lot more books through them as I found them a superb site and service.
Now to get reading some more.

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  1. They look interesting. Yes it's a great site isn't it? I hope to pick up a few more books each month now that I've given up subscribing to magazines.