Thursday, July 29, 2010

Folding a Fitted Sheet

I had ladies homegroup here yesterday and while the last ladies were leaving I was folding up the washing that had been airing on our clothes horse by the fire.
I suddenly noticed that the ladies were looking at me.
"What?" I asked.
"I'm just watching what you are doing", said one lady.
"Me too", said another.
"I'm folding a sheet!" was my reply.
"We know but its a fitted sheet". they both agreed.
These ladies were over 60 years old and I looked at them, "Don't you know how to fold a fitted sheet?" I asked
"No" they both replied and proceeded to share how they bundle them into the cupboard or just put them straight on to the bed.

So I wondered how many other people don't know how to fold a fitted sheet.

I have always looked at it like a flat sheet using the same principles as folding a sheet then just working the gathered edges into it.
Pic 1.

 Pic 2.
Step 1.
Fold in half across the width matching the seams of the gathered corners at both top ends. I push them out from under the top corners so they are even and flat. (a bit like pushing the edges out if you have turned a pillow sli[p inside out; sort of have it sit flat
(first pic)

Have the gathered edges all around the sheet match together and fold them into the middle. (see the second pic)

I can do this just standing but you should try it on a flat surface to learn it.

Pic 3.

Step 2.
Fold in half again, bringing one side over to the other. (This would be like folding the sheet in half lengthwise after the first fold on a flat sheet)
(see third pic)
Pic 4.

  Pic 4 shows the sheet after the second fold with the gathered edges all facing inside so you can no longer see them.

Pic 5

Step 3.
Fold the top edge down one third. Make sure it is the 'thick' end so this is all folded in when the folding is finished. (see pic 5)

Pic 6,

Step 4.
Fold the bottom edge up and over to the top edge
(pic 6)

Pic 7

    Step 5.
    Fold in half.

Pic 8

See not too hard at all!!!

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