Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another Beanie

I have crocheted a few of theses beanies from a design I made myself. They have been for my daughters but now I am getting requests from people.

This one was for one of the teachers from the college my youngest daughter goes to.
She supplied the green wool and I made it.
It was actually a green acrylic by Knitwise pricewise which is available from The Warehouse in New Zealand.

I printed the pattern off from my first post of a crocheted beanie and discovered I had typed it wrong. There were parts missing and a couple of the rounds were wrong.

So I have since redone it and if you have copied the pattern off already to make your own, I am sorry, but it was wrong.
It is now correct and you should be able to make beanies to your hearts content.


  1. It could nearly do double duty as a tea cosy??
    I always see you in green, must be one of you favourite colours.

  2. Your right it could but you'd have to "split' it so you had wholes for the handle and spout.
    Yes I do like green and have quite a few things in different shades.
    We even have green in parts of the bed room.