Monday, September 27, 2010

The Beanie to Match

I knitted a cardigan and little shoes for my dear grand-daughter in purple that is here
When I gave it do her mum she asked if I could do a beanie to match. So being the Mumsey I am, I found the left over balls of wool and have just completed a matching beanie.

I had made up the colour design myself so had to go back to check the rows etc from my blog post.
I found a basic double knit hat pattern from a website I get emails from - FaveCrafts Quick and Crafty.
Its got lots of different patterns and instructions and they are all free.

So here is the finished beanie and I am now on to the next project. (The colours look lighter but it is just the camera flash.)


  1. Now that is a beanie I would like for my grand daughter. It's in her favourite colour too. Purple is such a fun colour, don't you think.

  2. Oh yes. I chose the colour cos I like it and then my daughter decided she wants the cardy and hat.