Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mumsey Has Returned

You didn't know she had been away did you?

Well I don't me - Mumsey....

I mean MUMSEY.
When we purchased my little car my hubby decided to get me a personalized number plate.
He was utterly pleased with himself when the one "MUMSEY" had not been taken already and 'snatched it up', so to speak.

However it wasn't quite so cute a while back.

A few weeks ago, on a wet afternoon, I had stopped in a parallel car park to pop out to the post box, to post a letter and parcel.
Just before I was to get out of the car and zoom around the front, so I would not get too wet while I ran my errand, the four wheel drive wagon in front of me just backed up two car parks and straight into the front of me.
The back spare wheel squashed my bonnet and the tow bar crunched into my bumper.
The guy got out straight away and apologised saying he didn't see me, then proceeded to say he didn't even look!!
He said he would pay for all the repairs and we exchanged names and numbers.

I posted my mail and sat in the car for a moment gathering my thoughts.
All I could think was that if I had been a couple of seconds quicker getting out of the car, I would have been between the two vehicles.

dent on the bonnet and the bumper above the "M"
 He was most concerned and rung home before I even got home to check I was all right.

We went to our insurance company and they arranged for the repairs and said I would have no penalties so would keep the 'no-claims bonus'.
MUMSEY went to the panel beaters and the paint shop. She was away for three days and I had a rather nice larger car to get around in for a few days.

Now MUMSEY is home and looking very nice actually.
Not only can you not see any of the damage but all the little stone chips from other vehicles driving in front of me have been fixed as well.
Very smart she is.

And I feel my own self in MUMSEY again.

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