Friday, August 20, 2010

A meal to stop food waste

As I have shared in my post on food waste I want to share on of the ways I save on food. Not only is the food knot going out in the rubbish I have not spent any money on this meal as I have used what would have been wasted
Yesterday for lunch I made a meal from left overs as I had mentioned to do.

There were left over peas from two nights ago.
Left over mixed veges and cauliflower from the night before's meal that was a quick cook up of easy vegetables with meat.
Katrina had made some instant noodles when she had come home from school but didn't eat them all and there was half an onion in a container form some other time..

I finely chopped some of the onion and fried it in  a little olive oil. Once that was soft I added the vegetables (chopping the cauliflower up a little).
When that was well heated through I stired in a good tablespoon of my home made plum sauce, heated again and then added the noodles.
When that was all heated I served it up and enjoyed a warm low fat meal.

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  1. Fiona, I'm like you - I hate waste. it doesn't take a lot to eat heathily and sensilbly. Thanks for sharing your tips.