Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homemade Weiner Schnitzel

My daughter once asked me for these instructions so I am adding them to the blog in case another one asks. It is more a "how to" rather than a recipe as such.
There are no real amounts as it just depends on how much meat you have.
You will need to just add more to the coating ingredient amounts for the quantity of meat you have.

Slices of beef Schnitzel
An egg
Olive oil

In a flat style dish whisk the egg with a fork.
Place about ½ cup of flour on a kitchen paper towel and about the same of breadcrumbs on another.
If you have pieces of schnitzel that have a curved edge it is good to just snip little bits along the edge to stop the meat from curling up when it is cooked.
It is best to work as quickly as you can doing this process.
Dip the meat in the flour so the whole piece is coated in flour.
Then dip it in the dish of beaten egg making sure the meat is covered in egg. I use a fork to flip the meat and then to transfer it to the breadcrumbs
Then drop it onto the breadcrumbs and coat completely.
Having the flour and breadcrumbs on paper towels makes it easier to coat the meat by sort of holding up the edges on the paper so the dry ingredients 'fall' back onto the meat.
Work each piece at a time.
If you can do this earlier in the day, place the prepared meat in the fridge to allow the egg and coating to sort of set.
(Save the breadcrumbs and flour if you are going to do the potatoes as mentioned below)

I fry the meat in equal amounts of butter and olive oil. Make sure the pan is hot but not smoking or the coating will burn.
Fry for a few minutes each side with plenty of oil/butter in the pan so the crumbed mixture does not stick to the pan.

I also serve this with crumbed potatoes.

Boil the small pieces of potato as you normally would then drain the liquid off.
Let the potatoes dry a little in the hot pot then give them a good shake to sort of loosen the surfaces of them.

Tip any leftovers of the breadcrumbs and a little of the flour from the coating into a bowl and add the cooked potatoes.

Shake to coat completely then fry in the same pan the Schnitzel was fried in, shaking to cook.

I usually squeeze lemon over the meat and serve with a fresh salad in the summer or vegetables in the winter.

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