Monday, August 16, 2010

Recycling Clothes etc!!

I've talked about my love of recycling things in the forms of our rubbish and food in this house.
But it goes a lot further than that too.
With the availability of cheap clothes now days we can run the risk of buying too much but I have kept our purchases to a minimum over the last few years.
When the cherubs were growing up we used hand-me-downs both within the family and from friends.
We in turn passed ours on to others. And we still do both of these things.
I also recycle items for our own use.

All the flannelette pyjamas and shirts get the buttons removed (I keep then in a container and use them on home-made garments or when buttons go missing etc) and then cut up to make excellent cleaning and polishing cloths. I especially like to use them for cleaning mirrors and windows.

I bought some new towels and face cloths in the weekend as some of our towles have become very thin.

The old towels are now cut up to make great dishcloths for the kitchen.

I have not bought cleaning cloths of any kind for years.

Sheets that are worn are made into pillow slips. I can usually get two out of each end of a single sheet and four from a double.
If I don't need them I will give them to others or take them down to our
churches monthly Community Get Together. All sort of items can be dropped off there that have a resale value even if a small amount. Sometimes things like linen are even given away if a family truly are in need

The rest of the sheets will be used by hubby in the garage for cleaning oil off things etc.

Clothes that no one we know seems to want we take down to the CGT as well. Money raised from this day helps people within the community and we also sponsor a child through Save the Children Fund.

I have also used old woollen items that have shrunk from many washes to make a baby blanket that my cherubs played on when they were younger. Now I use it as a knee rug.
(I know!! but I am a Nana you know!).

Anything else beyond that is dropped off into the local clothing bin so that they are used some other way and I am helping that organisation to raise funds.

So once again I am reducing and reusing so that our rubbish leaving this house is at its minimum

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