Friday, August 27, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

Yes today was our 32nd Wedding Anniversary.
We don't buy each other gifts but we received some cards and a dear lady who we have come to know, through her working with Harry on his CV, dropped in with a lovely orchid and card.

Harry did say this morning that we would do what ever I liked this evening so I said I wouldn't be cooking.
I decided we would go out for tea, just him and I and somewhere local so we could walk.
Harry likes The Settlers Inn although I would have preferred somewhere else, we went there and were the only ones eating in for the night. It was like being waited on in our own little house in a way, and a lovely time to just be together.

Its not the most flash of places and it has been on the market for a year, but in the mean time it is a very reasonably priced place to eat.
We sat on the left by the window

We sat in a little alcove by the window and could watch the passers-by below.

People made comments today on the achievement of 32 years.
We don't feel that it is a big "number" as both our parents reached 45 years and my parents have recently celebrated their 57th.
But then I think of what we individually and as a couple have been through over the 32 years and agree that yes we have done well and come through a lot to reach our 32nd.
In this day not many marriages stay together for this long or because they wait until later years the chances of both being alive by the time they get into the 30th's and 40th's can be hard to reach.
But for us we have learnt that a lasting marriage requires commitment, consideration, compassion and communication to come through the times when things are tough.

We have five beautiful children, two of them married to lovely men and two grandchildren.

Praise God that He is in control and will continue to bless us with more years.

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  1. Congratulations to you both. Well done for sticking it out together. It doesn't matter where you went as long as you enjoyed your time together. Sometimes the simple things are the best. Maa.